Our interest and passion for organic and single origin teas, lead us to start a new venture. Malou Tea Atelier was born.Thitikarn Chongvatana with her background on retail business and young local fashion brand development together with Philippe Bramaz, coming from winemaking and restaurants, have ventured out and started collaborations with Artisanal Tea makers, Bernhard Holsinger, which brings years of experience in tea plantations around the world.


Our inspiration is to find the real source of good tea, to know our tea grower and work with them personally, to also find unique teas or seasonal tea that produces very different qualities than typical tea brand in the market. We spend time on visiting the tea estates and focusing on organic and sustainable grown Tea’s. Single origin teas, mostly organic and full leaf teas are selected. We constantly look for more new varieties of teas and try to get the best teas we love to drink to our clients.

Our mission is to make tea drinking at home a daily habit, with an uncomplicated approach to our clients
Our atelier We work out of our own atelier in Bangkok, in old airy old warehouse complex, where people can visit taste and discuss with us.

Tea are a personal taste to each client,

we just guide you to your personal favorites.