No.3 Ebony Spring White Tea Silver Tips (organic)

100% hand made organic white tea, tips only

250/330/550 B.


Earthy yet subtle, elegant yet bold. White Tea Silver Tips is 100% hand-made by Ebony Spring Tea Estate. Grown in Sri Lanka, it inherits the signature sense of earthy and smoky aroma. We pick only the unfurling buds which contain lower level of tannin and caffeine. Then the tender buds undergo the least process, ensuring that our White Tea Silver Tips is the most genuine as any tea blend can be, plus, retaining higher level of antioxidants than others. What’s more, during the early process, the tea buds are diffused with natural vanilla for 2 weeks, adding mild scents to the originally delicate nature of white tea. The distinctive silver tips, which gives the tea its name, makes it irresistible.