We provide full service about tea. we understood our customer’s
difference and try our best to cater each customer as best possible. Our services include;
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Horeca wholesale tea

providing wholesale price product for hotel, restaurant, and other business in large quantity. By keeping Malou’s quality standard in reasonable and affordable price for businesses.

Catering service and tea barCustomize tea or OEM

creating specialized flavor of tea according to customer. A unique flavor of tea that belongs to you and can design the packaging that your prefer.

Catering service and tea bar

from proper afternoon tea to a hip tea bar we can do.

Tea specialist consultant (sommelier)

designing creative and unique tea menu, blends, or drink that suit to your business character while also pair the tea that can enhance sell of food or dessert.

Tea as gift

corporate gift, Christmas gift,New year gift, Mother’s day gift, wedding gift.


we provide fun and productive workshop on tea. From basic tea to the Ceylon tea or complicated Chinese tea, from basic tea blending to making tea for your health